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Inspiration - Recruitment - Progression
Two-Day Live Event

Your bridge to make the connections that will take your career or business to the next level.

The job market has changed rapidly. Business is evolving… within the past couple of years we’ve seen a shift in the search for fulfilling careers; a desire for better work/life balance; more fulfilling and flexible working and the rise of the entrepreneur.

Karren Brady's Women in Business & Tech Expo will help you find supportive employers and give you inspiration in the ‘She sessions. It’s for women in all different stages of their professional career.

Pick your path

Everyone is on their own professional journey, which is why we’ve created five areas focused on different topics and seminars for the diverse women in the workforce. You’ll be given a curated agenda for Karren Brady's Women in Business & Tech Expo.

Choose the path you most identify with...


Karren Brady's Women in Business & Tech Expo is a two-day live event bringing together industry professionals, leading companies who are actively recruiting, and sessions packed with practical advice to empower your decisions.

In a working paper The Peterson Institute for International Economics studied 22,000 companies in 91 countries. They found that the typical firm sees a 15% increase in profitability when female representation goes from 0 to 30% in corporate leadership positions (C-Suite, Board of Directors, and Executive Leadership). Now, imagine what business would look like if that percentage of representation increased to 50% or more?

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or are a business owner, we can lead these conversations, together.

What’s included in the event?

Women-made, women-run, women-led. This event is for women/women-identifying individuals who are looking to thrive in their professional lives.

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A brilliant 2 days, so well organised a great line up. I thought I would miss seeing people in person, but actually I met lots of new people and was able to network. A great mix of speakers, exhibitors and attendees.


I wanted to attend Women in Business Expo as an opportunity to network with large employers. It worked tremendously well, and I now have a number of very large companies actively considering vacant roles for me.


Just brilliant! Such an inspirational and informative event, packed full of fascinating talks and networking opportunities.


A huge help for me in understanding where to focus my attention throughout my first year of business. I've now got new ideas to implement, as well as the names of companies to go to for further information and to use their services in the future.