Tara McGeehan – Speaker at Women in Business Expo 2019

Tara McGeehan

President. of CGI in UK and Australia

Tara McGeehan is President of CGI in UK and Australia. She was appointed as President in 2018 and leads a team of over 5,500 professionals and consultants who bring all of CGI’s end-to-end capabilities and industry and technology expertise to clients across the UK and Australia.

Tara joined CGI in 2001 and prior to becoming President, served as Senior Vice-President responsible for the North and Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Business Unit. Here, she developed business across commercial and government industries, including high-profile digital engagements such as the UK smart metering program. With 20 years’ industry experience, Tara has a detailed understanding of these markets and their implications and opportunities for organisations.

Tara previously worked as a Senior Manager at National Grid and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering. As Senior Sponsor of the UK Diversity programme, Tara is passionate about diversity and encouraging young people and women to enter the technology industry.

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21 October 2021

Keynote Theatre

Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor?

You’ve heard of the glass ceiling, but what about the sticky floor? Tara McGeehan will share tips for becoming ‘unstuck’ to excel in your career. Find out more