Dr. Louise Taylor – Speaker at Women in Business Expo 2019

Dr. Louise Taylor

GP, Author, Founder of Your Midlife Magic and Co-Founder of Work with the Menopause

Dr Louise Taylor has been working as a GP in the NHS for the past twenty-five years. Having been sideswiped by the menopause herself, sharing awareness and supporting women in the workplace has become something of a mission.

She is the author of ‘Sweats, Frets but no Regrets - An Insider’s Guide to the Menopause’, a book that was born from the research she did to navigate her own perimenopause. She hosts ‘The Menopause Mistress’ podcast.

As a Five Elements yoga teacher, she runs Yoga for the ‘Pause courses and ‘coming soon’ midlife executive retreats.

In addition to this she is co-founder and Director of Pallant Medical Chambers, a business which functions along the lines of a barristers’ chambers, allowing GPs to work as freelancers supporting the NHS whilst remaining part of a team.

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13th October 2022

Keynote Theatre

From Periods to Post Menopause - Why Women’s Reproductive Health is still a Workplace Taboo

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